Saturday, 9 February 2013

Vegetables & Fruits Names in English and Urdu

Chilli – Mirch

Cluster Beans – Gawar phalli

Coconut – Khopra / Narial

Colocassia - Arbi

Colocassia Leaf – Arbi patta

Corianders / Cliantro – Dhania

Corn/ Maze – Bhutta/ Macca

Cucumber – Kheera

Custard Apple – Shitaphal, Saripa

Dill – Suwa

Eggplant (brinjal) – Baigan

                                                               Endive – Gulsuchal

Beet root – Chukander

Blueberries – Nilabadari, Falsa(?)

Bottle Gourd, Chinese Melon, Long melon – Loki (lauki)

Broccoli – Hari phool gobhi

Brussels Sprout – Chhoti gobhi

Cabbage – Pattagobhi/ bandhgobi

Cantaloupe – Kharbuga

Capsicum (green pepper/ bell pepper) – Shimla /Kashmiri mirch

Carrot – Gaajar

Cauliflower – Phoolgobhi

Celery - Celery

Chakothra, Pomelo – Chakotra

Fennel – Moti saunf

Fenugreek leaves – Methi

Fig – Anjeer

French Beans – Flash( frash) beans

Garlic – Lahsun

Ginger – Adrak

Ginger dry – Saungth

Grapes – Angoor

Guava – Amrud

Indian Gooseberry – Amla

Jackfruit – Kathal

Jamoon, Jambu fruit, Blackberry – Jamun

Amaranth – Chauli, Chowlii, Chavleri, Lobia phalli

Apple – Saayb

Apricot Fresh – Khoobani

Arrowroot – Paniphal, Tikora

Ash Gourd – Petha

Asparagus – Shatwar, Sootmooli, Musli

Avocado, Butterfruit – Makhanphal

Banana – Kela

Bael, Stone apple, Bengal quince – Bel, Siriphal

Bell pepper – Shimla Mirch

Bitter Gourd – Karela

Black eye beans, Green – Lobia phalli


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  2. What is the name for 'Kale' vegetable?

  3. Nice work .... can someone tell the third sabzi (vegetable) which name ends with "tar"? 1st is Tamatar, 2nd is Mattar
    tell me in comments at

    1. Chakoter is the third name it's a kind of lemone but a little larger than normal lemone and it's color is red search in google

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  4. What is blueberry called in urdu?

  5. کا اپشن بھی رکھیں search توت اور شہتوت کا بھی لیکھیں اسکے علاوہ لسٹ کو جامع کریں اور

  6. any one tell me. what is horseradish meaning in urdu

  7. What is maca root called in urdu

    Maca is actually Mace.That is Jaifal in urdu,a spice.And its root is Javitri in has a strong smell and we Pakistanis add it in our daily meals.

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  10. Blackcurrant ko Urdu main kiya kheta han

  11. The third vegetable or fruit name in Urdu language which ends with "ter" is FRUITER (fruit).

    Chakoter is actually called "Chakotera" (Grapefruit).

  12. what arugula and spinach vegetables called in Urdu?

  13. Asalamualaikum,,
    Dostu koye bata saktha hai ky wo knsa sa fruit name hai jis ko agr ulta kr ly tu larki ka name ban jata hai ,
    Ans plz

  14. Anyone tell me plzzzz what is the difference between maca and mace ???ans plzzzz

  15. Where can we buy kale in Pakistan and what is it called in Urdu?

  16. What is the urdu and english name of Alokat.